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Craft Zambia is dedicated to promoting the quality contemporary crafts Zambia produces. We’re a small team behind the scenes, based in Lusaka, working within the Craft industry. Crafts change rapidly, with new ideas, new products, new techniques and even new crafts becoming popular from time to time, this means that we have some great crafts that are available at massive savings, always!

Started by Rodger, a Zambian entrepreneur, Craft Zambia distributes a wide range of market leading crafts, from household, to jewels, to jewel holders/boxes, to game utilities, toys, and many more. We guarantee you will find something interesting and worthy while spending on.

If, however, you can’t seem to find what you want, or you simply have your own specifications, you can reach us here, and we will gladly facilitate and meet your needs.

With a globe delivery plan in place, Craft Zambia is committed to bringing new and trendy craft products to the globe, hence making it easy for you to source and find your craft needs & wants all in one place.

Craft Zambia is trading branch name of RMI Limited, registered in under the laws of Zambia, with company No. 131159. C516 Mtendere, Mtendere township, Lusaka, Zambia.

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